Gratitude is an Art (8)

Book I: Chapter 8
June 9

At long last I awoke — it was nearly 10am my time and a cardinal was chirp, chirp, chirping just outside my bedroom window.

“SHUT UP!” I screamed at the red-smocked bird, before pulling a pillow down over my head – to no avail. “Ah, hell, it’s time to get up anyway.” And I reached a hand over the side of my bed and searched for the bottle of Jim Beam that was usually rolling around on the floor.

[Note to Reader: This is Chapter 8 of Book 1 “The Pawns of Prophecy” – if you missed the start of the book, click here return to the main page. ]

I thought about Alan – clearly he was in dire straits based on my last vision of him being accosted by those three goons. Given that he’d just retrieved his Nail from the CEC Catacombs the timing couldn’t have been worse for Alan – and yet I knew it was no coincidence that those murderous men had appeared when they did. 

Despite that recent cavalcade of visions about my friend, I was left with nothing but questions about his present situation.

But let’s be clear here – I’m no sucker.

You know as well as I that He is trying to peak my interest and draw me back into The Commission. But what He doesn’t seem to realize is – I DON’T CARE! I keep trying to tell Him that but He doesn’t listen.

All my life He’s been force-feeding me these visions. Oh, I’ve fallen for His games in the past. I’ve tried to do His Will – but it never gets me anywhere. It’s a damn waste of time, I tell you.

You understand that don’t you? Please, if you learn one thing from me, learn this – don’t fall for His tricks.

Will Eisner "A Contract with God" c 1978

So Alan’s in trouble, huh?

And now I suppose He wants me to go and save him?

Sorry, not going to happen.

Oh sure, Alan is my friend, but let’s face it, he’s a big boy. He knows what’s at stake for holding one of the Three. And, really now, what’s going to happen to Alan anyway? You know as well as I that they can’t kill him, so what can they do to him? Nothing. That’s right, nothing!

So, why did He even bother to waste my time showing me those visions anyway?

As YOU are my witness, I’ll say it again – GOD, please leave me alone!!

Now, where’s that damn bottle?

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