The Feast (3)

Book II: Chapter 3
June 24

Time passed and my Sight shifted.

I saw a room filled with ornate decorations from the world over. A succulent feast was arrayed atop a massive dining table and Ma’bus himself was seated at the head of the board. Despite the multitude of chairs, only one other seat was filled – by Alan.

“Soon enough you will be taken back to Room 101,” Ma’bus told his guest. “There you and I will finally learn to cooperate with one another. But first I have a few more things I’d like to show you – to give you a chance to reconsider your position.”

Alan did not reply, but instead reached forward towards the middle of the table and began to help himself to some of the delicacies.

Ma’bus raised an eyebrow, “Serving oneself before the Master is not polite.”

“I assume you’ll teach me a lesson,” Alan quipped, mouth full.

Ma’bus muttered something, but I couldn’t make it out; meanwhile the lone servant in the room made a plate for the dictator as well.

The pair ate mostly in silence, with Ma’bus occasionally making a comment about world events, but Alan never responded.

For my part I couldn’t help but remember a proverb that seemed to fit the situation…

Better a meal of vegetables where there is love, than a fattened calf with hatred.

Proverbs 15:17

Why do I remember so many proverbs, you ask?

Well, outside of my own writing, the Book of Proverbs and Psalms were always my favorites in The Bible. If you are looking to get some Wisdom – and who isn’t? – take a gander at these sections. It’s like reading a self-improvement book — Good stuff! Here’s a cool little book that has both of these classics in one volume with some food for thought…

Now where were we?

Oh yes – Alan and Ma’bus.

Paying attention again, I saw Dr. Ma’bus sit back, “Ah, let’s enjoy the sunrise, shall we?” And he called to his attendant, “Jamir.”

The wall opposite Alan was covered by a giant purple curtain; pulling the cords, Jamir parted the fabric to reveal a large, pavered courtyard, in the middle of which was a humongous fountain.

My eyes were immediately drawn to a monumental sculpture that bestrode the pool – a terrible Beast with seven heads and ten horns, each of the heads spewing out black water that fell violently down to the roiling waters at the Beast’s feet.

7-headed dragon in revelation

(There was no doubt that this was that same fountain where last saw Miriam hiding. Even from this vantage point it gave me the chills and I wondered if she was still hiding there?)

I realized that it was now early morning in my vision – for the sun was rising majestically behind the statue.

And I wondered…

Did Alan realize this colossus was The Beast I had warned everybody about in Revelation nearly 2,000 years ago?

Revelation 13

When my friend shuddered, I got my answer.

“I see you like it.” Ma’bus admired the statue. “It’s ME, you know. Ah, I can see you DO know. That’s good. I will make this process easier…for all of us.” Then rising from his chair, he boasted. “It’s been a mere three years since I ascended this throne, and yet already I stand on the brink of world domination.”

“Hardly.” Alan disputed. “So you rule a chunk of the Middle East? That’s a far cry from ruling the planet. Even if you are the new U.N. Secretary General, I’m sure America and England aren’t under your power. And we all know that Putin marches to the beat of his own drum. So where does that leave you?”

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.” Ma’bus sighed. “And here I thought you were the smart one, Professor Lazarus. Do I really have to spell it out for you? Sure there are outliers. But no matter – they can’t hold out forever; it’s simple economics. After all, the EU, most of Asia, and all of Africa have already accepted my IdentiChip.”

The dictator continued, “As for my friends Vladimir and Donald, they’ll soon throw their lot in with me as well – once I show them the math.”

“Giving you power to monitor the every move of their citizens?” Alan surmised. “In exchange for what?”

“Convenience. Safety. Prestige. Smart nations want their citizens to enjoy the freedoms of all UMANity.”

“You mean the LOSS of freedom.”

“Perhaps.” Ma’bus agreed. “It’s all a matter of perspective. You know as well as I that The Third and Fourth Seals have been broken. Events are cascading forward and people are scared. Wouldn’t you agree to give up a bit of privacy if you could rest assured that all war, famine, and crime would be wiped out — making your family safe forever?”

“And YOU are the man to provide this?” Alan scoffed. “With all due respect, Dr. Ma’bus, we both know you’re playing both sides of the fence. After all, YOU are the cause of all these troubles!”

“Alan. My friend. I’m shocked.” The UMAN League ruler joked. “Could if be that you don’t really know me?” And after pausing for effect, he continued. “Or maybe you do?  If you’ve read Revelation, you know what I’m after. This is all just window dressing, a rehearsal if you will, prior to the real event.”

“You are just a rehearsal. You can’t win. Jesus will return!”

“Correction, I can’t lose.” Ma’bus said proudly. “Dear Professor, do you really think I’m only relying on mortal men to help my cause?” Then to his attendant, “Jamir, bring me my laptop.”

After the servant set up his mobile device, Ma’bus advised, “Alan, I think you’ll be interested in this – come take a look.”

I watched as Alan begrudgingly rose from his chair and walked over to his captor’s station to peer at Ma’bus’ computer.

That’s when I saw it – a sight I’ll never forget.

On the monitor, I could see what appeared to be seven webcam views – each showcasing a horrific sight, something that I knew was inevitable, but which I never believed could actually come to pass…

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