Golgotha Revisited


Book III of The Last Temptation of John

The epic conclusion to the worldwide phenomenon known as The Last Temptation of John is here with Golgotha Revisited when the Day of Armageddon finally arrives!

Learn the backstory of St. John The Apostle.

Witness the final battle for world domination as the Immortals face off against The Antichrist and his minions with an ending so shocking it will leave you begging for mercy.

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Our Story Comes to an End – But Not Without a Few Twists and Surprises!

Learn John’s Backstory
Discover the astonishing back story of John’s life these past 2,000 years – including the macabre biological experiment he conducted which caused The Black Plague and his involvement with a world-ruling secret society known only as The Brotherhood of EArth. John must repent of these and may other sins before he can take action to help his friends Alan and Miriam stop The Antichrist and save the world.

A Battle for World Domination
Dr. Ma’bus and The Pope continue to battle for world domination even as the scene  sets on Golgotha itself – where The Beast will attempt to complete The Armageddon Rite – that arcane ritual that promises to deliver death to John and his fellow immortals, devastation to the world, and Ultimate Power to The Antichrist himself!

It’s the Final Battle of Good vs. Evil
But who will win?

Read Golgotha Revisited and witness the shocking end to this exciting trilogy!