The Pawns of Prophecy


Book I of The Last Temptation of John

The Antichrist has risen.
What if the events detailed in The Book of Revelations were about to occur…this year? Could anyone save us from certain death?

The answer is YES. Hard as it may be to believe, St. John the Apostle is still alive today – having been blessed with the Gift of Immortality so that he could survive to fight against the coming of The Antichrist.

But There’s a Problem
Over the course of the last 2,000 years, John has unfortunately lost his faith!

Can John recover his faith in time to stop Armageddon or will Satan’s Son achieve Ultimate Victory?

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The year is this year. The time is today. Doomsday Prophets again proclaim End of the World — yet this time they may be correct!

Like most people, you probably don’t know that the three nails used to crucify Jesus Christ still exist, or that they are guarded by three immortals from biblical times. One of these immortals is St. John The Apostle, a prophet who continues to be tormented by revelations he cannot escape.

As events unfolded, John learns that an as-yet-unknown Antichrist has just captured one of the nails, along with John’s friend – Professor Alan Zarus. Despite this wake-up call, John remains bitter at his perceived abandonment by Jesus some 2,000 years ago, and thus refuses to do anything to help Alan – leaving the task solely to his former friend Miriam Magdala.

Meanwhile, two other men rise to prominence on the world stage: Dr. Ghaz al’ Ridwan Ma’bus (beloved leader of The UMAN League) and Pope Benedict (the charismatic former head of the Roman Catholic Church). While Dr. Ma’bus overtly works to solve the world’s problems, The Pope conspires with members of a secret society in a plot to bring down his rival – but at what cost and why?

Find out when you read the first book in this exciting trilogy – The Pawns of Prophecy!