I am the Quintessence! (2)

Book III: Chapter 2July 26 This is the Time! I am about to finally do it — my terrible life is about to end! “Let Fire and Azoc suffice.” <Power> was all around me as I spoke the words of the Greek master Aristeus while at last I neared the completion of the Magnus Opum.  … Read more I am the Quintessence! (2)

The Philosopher’s Stone (14)

Book II: Chapter 14July 7 OK, so the cat’s out of the bag – yes I became an Alchemy Master in order to try to kill myself. Big deal. Has it worked yet? Obviously not. Meanwhile, Miriam pleaded, “I don’t want your help if it means you’re trying to kill yours—“ “Don’t worry,” I interrupted … Read more The Philosopher’s Stone (14)

Call Me Azoth (13)

Book II: Chapter 13July 7 In an effort to stop Miriam’s complaints, I finally agreed to help our friend Alan. In order to do that I had to bring him to my private workshop — which was actually a just detached garage, a short walk away from the house. From the outside it probably looked … Read more Call Me Azoth (13)