Two Beasts? (18)

Two Beasts of Revelation

Book II: Chapter 18July 9 As my vision dragged on, Pope Benedict continued to strangle Mystery and I gotta say – it was a shocking sight! I took a moment to ponder more on the possibility of TWO Beasts by remembering Revelation Chapter 13. Look it up with me, will you… Did you read it? …

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The Feast (3)

Book II: Chapter 3June 24 Time passed and my Sight shifted. I saw a room filled with ornate decorations from the world over. A succulent feast was arrayed atop a massive dining table and Ma’bus himself was seated at the head of the board. Despite the multitude of chairs, only one other seat was filled …

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Psychic Probes (2)

Book II: Chapter 2June 24 There’s something I think I forget to tell you about Miriam. She has an unusual gift. I don’t really understand it, but it has something to do with her being a kind of Body-Mind Master — she can control her body in such a way that she can overcome almost …

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