The Lion and Lamb (6)

Book 1: Chapter 6June 8 Unable to wake up, I was forced to keep watching my vision of my friend Alan talk with his associate Teri.  All this talk about Dr. Ma’bus taking over the world was a bit much.  I’m an old man and just want some peace. The fact of the matter is that … Read more

Flotsam and Jetsam (4)

Book 1: Chapter 4June 7 OK, let me stop for a minute here because I can see that you are having a bit of a problem. So go ahead, let’s get it out on the table – ask me your questions… Who am I? Well, I told you, I’m John — John Salom. Note to … Read more

Shepherd and His Flock (3)

Book 1: Chapter 3June 7 Meanwhile, half a world away, another older gentleman was also in a good mood… (Like I said before, you’re just gonna have to take my word on it as to how I know things like this. Let’s just say, I have visions – oh you can call them revelations if … Read more