Ozymandias The Great (12)

Book II: Chapter 12July 7 “What do you want me to do?” I asked Miriam — who’d been pleading with me from the moment she arrived, over three hours ago. “John, I’m at my wits end,” She replied. “Yet all you do is sit there in your Laz-E-Boy with your arms folded and a sour … Read more Ozymandias The Great (12)

The Chair of Wrath (11)

Book II: Chapter 11July 4 Sadly, The Blackness dissipated – taking the sweetness of death with it. Eventually I realized that Miriam (and I) were merely back in the hallway – outside of Acedia. I had no idea how she had been able to escape the room – and pull me with her. “Praise God!” … Read more The Chair of Wrath (11)

The Trap is Sprung (10)

Book II: Chapter 10July 4 My vision of the past continued – fresh off a success at resisting the Room of Greed, Miriam (and I) eagerly took on the next room. I could sense Miriam’s confidence growing now and at first it seemed that her faith was justified — for not much was happening inside … Read more The Trap is Sprung (10)