The Hand of God (36)

Book III: Chapter 26Date Unknown As I left my earthly body, I was granted one final vision, and since you’ve come this far with me, I imagine you’ll want to hear about this too… What I saw next was something that was undoubtedly UNseen by everyone else ,for God gave me a vision inside of … Read more The Hand of God (36)

The Coming of the King (21)

Book III: Chapter 21November 13 Was my cover blown? It sure seemed that way because the Pope was pointing towards me and talking about finding a traitor and all eyes were suddenly turned my way. Luckily for me, I did not get a chance to try to defend myself, for in my shock I did … Read more The Coming of the King (21)

The Trap is Sprung (10)

Book II: Chapter 10July 4 My vision of the past continued – fresh off a success at resisting the Room of Greed, Miriam (and I) eagerly took on the next room. I could sense Miriam’s confidence growing now and at first it seemed that her faith was justified — for not much was happening inside … Read more The Trap is Sprung (10)

Seven Deadly Sins, The Chairs of Woe, and The Antichrist

What is a “Deadly” sin and what are the Seven Deadly Sins from The Bible? In this article we’ll explore where they come from in the Bible, what each of the 7 Deadly Sins are, and talk about their relationship to the infamous Chairs of Woe which feature prominently in the books The Last Temptation … Read more Seven Deadly Sins, The Chairs of Woe, and The Antichrist