Deliverance (35)

Book III: Chapter 35December 21 With Ghaz al’ Ridwan Ma’bus looking on approvingly, Pope Benedict had just used two of the sacred nails previously used to crucify Christ to destroy the immortals Lazarus and Mary Magdalene – my friends. The earth continued to protest, sending raging winds to whip through the disaster site that was … Read more

The Bible Code (28)

Book II: Chapter 28July 12 Miriam bowed her head, while Alan sputtered – still unable to accept the possibility there might be a secret vault beneath St. Peter’s Basilica that he knew nothing about, “I don’t believe it!” “It’s true.” Miriam agreed. “La Papessa had the vault built specifically to house my letter. The construction … Read more

The Unknown Catacombs (7)

Book 1: Chapter 7June 8 Unfortunately for me, my marathon vision of my friend Alan was still continuing. (I mean seriously, how much more of this can I be expected to pay attention to?) Unfortunately for Alan, although it was but a short walk to his own apartment building, I could see that his distress … Read more