The Price is Your Soul (26)

Book III: Chapter 25December 20 The moment lingered… Someone or something was coming through the gate towards us. Destiny? Death? Only God knew what it might be. At last, forging through the gate came Pope Benedict, followed a moment later by Chairman Ma’bus. “Ah, I thought we would find you here,” Ma’bus called out jovially, … Read more The Price is Your Soul (26)

The Sacra Crypta (35)

Book II: Chapter 35July 15 The Sight continued for me as I saw that the small room that Alan and Miriam had emerged into. By the look on Alan’s face I could tell that it wasn’t exactly what he had expected to find. (And I had to agree with him). “It looks like an olde … Read more The Sacra Crypta (35)

The Bible Code (28)

Book II: Chapter 28July 12 Miriam bowed her head, while Alan sputtered – still unable to accept the possibility there might be a secret vault beneath St. Peter’s Basilica that he knew nothing about, “I don’t believe it!” “It’s true.” Miriam agreed. “La Papessa had the vault built specifically to house my letter. The construction … Read more The Bible Code (28)

A Rose by Any Other Name (27)

Book II: Chapter 27July 12 My last jibe did not disappoint – and with both Alan and Miriam white-faced, I went for the kill, “Lighten up, people. I know we can’t switch sides. But if Michael wants to do his thing – fine. And if you two want to stop Ma’bus – also fine. Just … Read more A Rose by Any Other Name (27)

Pope Joan? (26)

Book II: Chapter 26July 12 I think my jaw fell open at Miriam’s revelation, but it was Alan who first asked, “Archangel Michael is actually in battle again? This is momentous indeed!” “Why are you so surprised? I already told you about this back in 856, I wrote about this very event in a letter … Read more Pope Joan? (26)