The Coming of the King (21)

Book III: Chapter 21November 13 Was my cover blown? It sure seemed that way because the Pope was pointing towards me and talking about finding a traitor and all eyes were suddenly turned my way. Luckily for me, I did not get a chance to try to defend myself, for in my shock I did … Read more

EA Incarnate (19)

Book III: Chapter 19November 13 Strange Days. I thought to myself as looked back upon that wild day of my first initiation into the Third School of Inanna — for none of my other Third School initiations were ever so intense. For a brief moment, I felt my own desires arise again as I remembered … Read more

The Rites of Inanna (18)

Book III: Chapter 18November 13 Trying to force myself to be unimpressed by Dr. Ma’bus’ reading at this uber-secret meeting of the high ranking members of the Brotherhood of EArth, I turned my attention to my meal — meticulously carving into the blood red meat that draped my plate: venison, tartar-style — having been freshly … Read more

Secret Societies (16)

Book III: Chapter 16November 13 Ironically, the Annals of the Brotherhood reflect only a small footnote about Tower Bay, and the official version of events describes only the lie that I told them.  To this day it is my firm belief is that nobody else on earth ever knew the truth about Tower Bay — … Read more

The Ruins of Tower Bay (15)

Book III: Chapter 15November 13 <KKKkkrrraaaACCKKKK!!>  Lightning tore the sky, flashing its brilliance through the skeletal remains of Whitby Abbey. Positioned precariously atop of the cliffs of Northern Yorkshire, the magnificent ruins of the abandoned church were the perfect setting for the sinister meeting that was occurring in the cathedral’s underbelly. <Ka-boOOM!>  Nature continued to … Read more

The Lady of the Lake (8)

Book III: Chapter 7August 30 As it turned out, around 410 AD I successfully DID destroy myself – or at least my identity as Ambrosius. My superbug project for The Brotherhood worked — wiping out an entire colony of people! (I’ll tell you more about that event later, for now just remember two words: Tower … Read more

The Watcher (1)

Book II: Chapter 1June 24 John Salem? Who are you? WHAT are you? Such were the thoughts of a tired old man – such were MY thoughts – as I lay in bed, unable to get anything but a fitful sleep. Caught between the dream world and the real, I cried out to God. “I … Read more

The Grandmaster (15)

Book I: Chapter 15June 12 My vision of Benedict and his conspirators continued. After the professor’s revelation about The Seven Seals, all three of them turned inward — examining their thoughts. Antonio Abbracciavento seemed to realize that the subject that he had devoted his life to was unfolding before his very eyes – although now … Read more

Shepherd and His Flock (3)

Book 1: Chapter 3June 7 Meanwhile, half a world away, another older gentleman was also in a good mood… (Like I said before, you’re just gonna have to take my word on it as to how I know things like this. Let’s just say, I have visions – oh you can call them revelations if … Read more